Swinging Flies

Salar Seekers

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​Metalhead Junkies

    Skagit Jedis & Long Liners

Welcome to the addiction              If you are hooked on double-handed rods - you are one of us.

All rods and all fishermen come on down to the Underground

Waking Flies

Spey-O-Rama 2016.

F-ing Casters too....

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SOR Toughies

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grease liners 

The Spey Undergound''s

  Sargeant-at-Arms  "Bull" "Bull"

The New Gunslingers of the West

Cheers from Spey-O-Rama

Classic Flies

As Specified - Art Lingren


​Tied by Will Bush.

bobber lobbers


     The Steelhead Hardcore