Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. From excellent truly enjoyable fishing rods, to high-performance competition spey rods, you will find the exact rod to fit your needs. 

Elegant Designs

It’s not a just a rod, it’s a masterpiece

Each of our Spey Rods are a hand-crafted masterpiece. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece.


Good rod blank design depends on the combination of mandrel taper, the modulus and strength of the carbon prepreg and the layers and thickness of the carbon fiber.The most popular (and cheapest) method involves one directional laying of the carbon fiber along the length of the blank. Most high-quality blanks involve laying a second layer of carbon fiber at 90° to the longitudinal layer. This combination of a longitudinal layer on the inside and 90° layer on the outside provides a significant improvement in performance. CND's Specialist, Black Spey and I-Spey rods were made this way.

The Bias Versa and GT rods take this a step further (actually two). The first two layers are made in the longitudinal plus 90° fashion, then using the most advanced carbon fiber cutting machine and the highest engineering skills, a third layer is cut with the carbon fibers laying on a 45° bias, a fourth layer is cut with the opposite 45° bias.This four layer construction produces a rod that is very light, casts very straight and recovers very quickly. This combination of the state of the art propriety Japanese carbon fiber with the most advanced cutting and laying techniques has produced the magnificent Bias Versa GT rods.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Engineering Mastery 


The perfect rod requires diligent engineering and true craftsmanship. Each masterpiece is designed and assembled by Nobuo Nodera himself, ensuring its integrity, balance, grace and ultimate power.