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CND's founder and owner Nobuo Nodera started his double-handed journey in 1983 when he became the chief rod designer for Diawa Sport UK. As well as designing some of the all time classic double-handed rods like the famous Diawa Amorphous, he also gave a young Simon Gawesworth his first job in the industry. In 1992 Nobuo returned to Diawa HQ in Japan and in 1999 started CND.

Spey Rod Design  

A Rich History

Note: Some of the rods pictured above are no longer sold and just represent our past achievements.  

What We Offer

CND's Standard Warranty Policy is within 1 year to charge for shipping only on breakage due to manufacturer's defect.In the case of accidental breakage, we will charge shipping plus 1/3 the the full cost of the part. After one year full prices will be charged.

The crucible of Spey rod design is the competition world. As with Formula One Racing, spey casting competitions have inspired innovation in design and materials. Here too Nobou Nodera and CND have emerged at the top. CND rods have dominated every year at the Japan Casting Association Championships. CND rods won the prestigious CLA in 2009 and the Spey-O-Rama Senior Division in 2012. In 2015 CNDs won Spey-O-Rama, the Norweigan Championships,  the Nordic Championships and the Alexander Grant Memorial Compettition.

From the beginning, CND was an industry leader in rod design. The Specialist Series featuring the Thompson Specialist and later the Salar, Steelhead and the Skagit Specialists along with the I-Speys solidified CND as the industry leader in cutting edge design. The owner of the very first Steelhead Specialist, none other than Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard, dubbed CND as this "funky little underground spey company making cutting edge stuff". To this day "The Spey Underground" continues to lead the industry in design.

About Our Company

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