It is from its blue ribbon competition pedigree that CND's Bias Versa Giga Torque fishing rods emerged. World class in every way, these rods have reaped the benefits of our competition success the same way that passenger cars benefit from developments in Formula One Racing. Nobuo Nodera's history of design genius combined with state of the art materials has created the BV GT fishing rods. If you want the best, here they are.



From Blaine WA

All rods are sold on a pre-order basis. Upon receipt of a 50% down payment Nobuo Nodera will build your rod and ship it to CND NA. The balance is due when CND NA ships your rod.

The Competition world is where the Bias Versa and Giga Torque rods were spawned. Nobuo Nodera applied his genius to the newest Japanese graphite and resins and the first step in this evolution was the Bias Versa. These rods were lighter and stronger than any competition rods ever seen. They flexed down deep into the blank yet recovered with lightning quickness. They are amazing. The Giga Torque is the next step in this evolution. Lighter, faster and stronger than even the BV rods. The GTs are truly cutting edge state of the art spey rods.  Between them, the Bias Versa and Bias Versa Giga Torque rods set the competition world on its ear. In 2015 GT rods took 1st and 3rd and BV rods placed 5th, 6th and 10th at Spey-O-Rama. The onslaught continued in Scandinavia with wins at the Norwegian and Nordic Championships. Then in Scotland it was total domination at the First Alexander Grant Memorial Competition with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th place finishes. These are staggering results for these amazing rods.